Timur Olegovich Gulinskiy

07/09/1977 - 08/09/2000

Timur Gulinskiy first came to Leeds in November of 1998 when he visited the University for 2 months. He returned to Moscow leaving us in awe of his dancing and amazed by his capacity to enjoy life - how we wished he was part of our team!

By some wonderful quirk of fate, in 1999 Timur returned to Leeds to pursue a PhD in Mathematics with Professor Garth Dales. LUU Dancesport Club gained a fabulous dancer and a good friend. He became an official member of the club and his dancing left us rooted to the ground. Within a few short weeks he, together with his partners (Marie and Rachel), was winning everything he entered. He raised our standards.


Sadly, Timur was only with us for one year. He died on 8th September 2000 whilst celebrating his 23rd birthday. As was to be expected of someone with so much energy and love of dance, Timur was on the dance floor when he started to feel unwell - he died within a few minutes from asthma complications.

Timur's death was a great loss to his parents, Gul and Oleg, his friends and members of the LUU Dancesport Club.

In his memory, a tree was planted in St George's field in the university campus.  ​Timur's friends at Leeds and all that knew him within the inter-varsity dance circuit have established a number of annual dance trophies.

  • NUDC - Latin and Ballroom trophies presented to the best couples in the 5 dance sections.

  • IVDC - A trophy presented to the best couple overall.

LUU Dancesport Club will present annual trophies in his memory to outstanding dancers over the year.


Sports Colours

Since last year Leeds Dancesport have been eligible to receive Sports Colours. Sports Colours is an opportunity to celebrate exceptional effort from both students and coaches. For more information about Sports Colours speak to the Team Captain.

There are several nominations within sports colours based around either committee members or standard club dancers. This can vary from performance based to dedication to the society. Below is a brief example of some distinct awards:

- White Rose Award.

- Sports Colours.

- Most Improved Club of the Year.

- Club of the year award.

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