Our Constitution

Our constitution lays down the basic rules which dictate how the club is run. Any amendments may be suggested at an AGM or EGM

1. Preamble

1.1 The name of the Club shall be 'Leeds University Union Dancesport Club' hereinafter   termed the 'Club'.

1.2 Objectives:

1.2.1 To teach Ballroom and Latin American dancing to all members of the Club.

1.2.2 To provide teaching at various levels of ability.

1.2.3 To represent the Union in national competitions.

1.2.4 To allow anyone to join the Club, subject to requirements laid down in section

1.2.5 To provide social events for members.

2. Membership

2.1 All members (except 2.7) shall be expected to pay an annual membership fee, as decided by the committee at the start of each term.

2.2 All members (except 2.7) shall be required to pay class fees decided by the Club committee.

2.3 All members shall be entitled to some or all of the privileges outlined in section 3 depending on their membership level.

2.4 Any member may be suspended from any or all of the privileges of the Club, including membership of it, for any period by a decision of the Club committee.

2.5 Full membership will be granted to any current or past student of The University of Leeds, conforming to 2.1.

2.6 Full membership may also be granted to anyone who is not a current or past student of The University of Leeds, conforming to 2.1.

2.7 The trainer shall be an ex officio member of the Club and the committee.

2.8 All members will be offered the opportunity to be on a mailing list for news.

2.9 Honorary membership, as of September 2017, does not grant the member free tuition costs, the member is merely remembered and respected by the club for their hard work towards the clubs progression and development.

3. Membership Privileges

Full members of the Club shall be entitled to all privileges

3.1 To attend all meetings

3.2 To vote on all questions of policy within the Club, which includes elections and constitutional amendments, as well as having the opportunity for a vote of no confidence

3.3 To propose or second candidates for election to Club committee.

3.4 To vote for such officers as are nominated for election.

3.5 To hold office on and stand for election to Club committee.

3.6 To compete for the Club, provided they are not restricted in doing so by the competition host.

3.7 Honorary members are not full members and thus privileges from 3.1-3.6 are not granted to them, unless club membership is purchased by them, alike to a standard member.

4. Committee Composition

4.1 The committee shall consist of three Officers – President, Secretary and Treasurer

4.2 In addition there will be 1 of each of the following committee members:

4.2.1 Team Captain

4.2.2 Vice Team Captain

4.2.3 Equipment Officer

4.2.4 Offbeat Captain

4.2.5 Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer

4.2.6 Publicity Secretary

4.2.7 Dance Show Captain

4.2.8 External Student Representative

4.2.9 Beginner's Representative

4.3 In addition there can be 2 of the following committee members:

4.3.1 Social Secretary

4.4 The duty of welfare will fall on the whole committee, rather than being the responsibility of one particular committee member

4.5 In addition, provided that none of the positions in 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 remain un-elected (except for 4.2.9), there may also be the position of General Committee Member.

4.6 The committee shall be elected by the Club at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of the second term or the start of the third term, or else at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

4.7 Newly elected Club committee members must assume their position after a handover meeting, which shall be held in the third term.

4.8 It is the role of the outgoing committee to continue to perform their duties until the handover has taken place.

5. Committee Meetings

5.1 Committee meetings shall be open to all members (except honorary) of the Club, but only Club committee members who are also Full Members, will be allowed to vote

5.2 Meetings shall be held regularly, no less than twice a semester.

5.3 The time, date, venue and agenda for each meeting shall be announced by the President in advance.

5.4 Committee members unable to attend a meeting must give 24 hours advanced notice of their absence.

5.5 The meeting minutes must be distributed to committee members and made readily available to any other Club member.

6. Committee Duties and Powers

6.1 To ensure the good running of the Club

6.2 To inform any suspended or expelled member of their rights of appeal through Union Structure

6.3 To ensure that lessons start on time

6.4 To ensure smooth and timely handover to the new committee

6.5 To manage the Club on behalf of its members and in accordance with its stated aims and objectives

6.6 To suspend any member from any or all privileges of the Club, including membership of it, for any period

6.7 To attend committee meetings

6.8 To call a motion of no confidence in any committee member they find not to be sufficiently fulfilling their duties. Said motion may be passed by a majority committee vote.

7. Officers and their Duties

7.1 The Officers shall be President, Secretary and Treasurer

7.2 Officers must be full Club members who are also Student Ordinary Members of the Union.

7.3 The three Officers shall be the signatories appearing on the Club Bank mandate.

7.4 To attend the Dance Assembly, or send someone on their behalf

7.5 To attend the Union AGM

7.6 To be a signatory of the Club bank account

7.7 To elect the Dance Executive

7.8 It is the duty of all Club committee positions to attend committee training

7.9 Note - Failure to fulfil these duties may result in a motion of no confidence and removal of office.

8. Duties of the President

8.1 To oversee the running of the Club

8.2 To chair committee meetings

8.3 To produce an annual report

8.4 To produce an entry for inclusion in the Union Handbook if/when requested

8.5 To liaise with the Union Exec. and Dance Officer

8.6 To liaise with other Union clubs and societies

8.7 To liaise with the trainer

8.8 To be a signatory

8.9 To attend the Dance Assembly or send someone on their behalf

8.10 To oversee room bookings

9. Duties of the Treasurer

9.1 To be responsible for the finances of the Club

9.2 To maintain an up to date account

9.3 To submit applications to the Activities Officer

9.4 To produce an annual report and yearly budget

9.5 To prepare and present a financial report to the committee detailing the current financial situation of the club up to the end of the first semester, between the last week of semester one and the third week of semester two. The report should be made available to members of the club on request.

9.6 To submit a detailed statement of accounts for the year to the Club AGM

9.7 To attend Treasurer training

9.8 To liaise with the Activities Officer in matters of finance

9.9 To be a signatory

9.10 To oversee membership records

10. Duties of the Secretary

10.1 To produce agenda documents for committee meetings.

10.2 To produce a written record of all committee meetings.

10.3 To maintain an up to date copy of the Club constitution.

10.4 To be a signatory.

10.5 To disseminate information to the Club members.

10.6 To maintain the Club email account.

10.7 To organise transport for the Club.

10.8 To be responsible for ensuring that the room bookings are being signed for every week.

10.9 To manage the room bookings

10.10 To do the private lesson time sheet each week to be sent to both the Dancesport team and the coach. 

11. Duties of the Team Captain

11.1 To liaise with IVDA (Inter Varsity Dance Association) and NUDA (Northern Universities Dance Association)

11.2 To liaise with other university ballroom societies / Clubs in matters regarding competitions

11.3 To maintain an up to date list of current and prospective team members

11.4 To liaise with the trainer in matters relating to the team, lessons and competitions

11.5 To organise provision for additional practice sessions for team couples

11.6 To manage the room bookings

12. Duties of the Publicity Secretary

12.1 To produce publicity for the Club

12.2 To disseminate information regarding Club activities outside the Club.

12.3 To maintain the Club website and other online publicity material.

12.4 To seek, book, and manage performance demonstrations by liaising with the LUU Dance Rep, other LUU societies and external partners (companies, charities, organisations etc).

13. Duties of the Social Secratary

13.1 To organise social events for the members of the Club

13.2 Such events shall be organised such that they do not discriminate against any group

13.3 To liaise with the treasurer to produce financial budgets for each event

13.4 To organise the annual Club Spring Ball, Christmas Party and IVDC weekend

14. Duties of the Equipment Officer

14.1 To be responsible for the safety testing of equipment

14.2 To be responsible for safe and secure storage of the equipment

14.3 To be responsible for the maintenance and renewal of equipment

14.4 To maintain an up-to-date inventory of all equipment

14.5 To liaise with the trainer in all relevant matters relating to equipment

14.7 To sign in and out all Club dancewear from the team cupboard and to hold ultimate responsibility for its whereabouts

14.8 To be responsible and maintain the Club’s First Aid Kit

14.9 To be responsible for the Club Annual Awards Trophies/Shields

15. Duties of the Offbeat Captain

15.1 To liaise with the Team Captain regarding the entrance of Offbeat at competitions

15.2 To form an Offbeat team, from the Club members (The group shall be open to all Club members, provided they are available on the dates of the competitions and can maintain a high attendance to practices, and provided the team composition is in compliance with IVDC rules).

15.3 To organise the music, choreography and teaching of Offbeat

15.4 To be the primary point of contact for Offbeat team members

15.5 To organise regular practice sessions.

15.6 To liaise with the Equipment Officer and/or Treasurer to organise appropriate outfits for Offbeat

16. Duties of the Vice Team Captain

16.1 To liaise with the Team Captain and team beginners.

16.2 To play a major role in maintaining beginners team numbers.

16.3 To be a point of contact for all team beginners and prospective team beginners.

16.4 To organise the structuring of beginner lessons to best accommodate the beginner members.

16.5 To aid the Team Captain in collection of beginner entries for competitions.

16.6 To step into the role of Team Captain at their request/notification, and with committee approval

17. Duties of the Dance Show Captain

17.1 To be a representative of the Club for the Leeds University Union Dance Show, hereinafter termed ‘Dance Show’

17.2 To liaise with the Dance Representative from the union

17.3 To attend all Dance Show meetings or send a representative.

17.4 To form a group from the Club members to appear in the Dance Show (the group shall be open to all Club members, provided they are available on the dates of the show and can maintain a high attendance to rehearsals)

17.5 To organise the music and choreography for the Dance Show

17.6 To organise regular rehearsals for the Dance Show.

17.7 To liaise with the Equipment Officer and/or Treasurer to organise appropriate dress for the Dance Show

17.8 Organisation of the dance show, or any other show events, falls upon the Dance Show Captain’s duties

18. Duties of the External Student Representative

18.1 To be a non-Leeds university student

18.2 To bring the views of any other non-Leeds university students to meetings if necessary

18.3 To liaise between the Publicity and Sponsorship Officer and higher education institutions based around Leeds which lacks their own dancesport society (e.g. Other leeds based Higher education establishments). 

19. Beginner's Representative

19.1 To attend all committee meetings

19.2 To represent the opinions of all beginners

19.3 To be elected ahead of the first competition of the year

19.4 To attend the majority of beginner's lessons throughout the year

19.5 Must be a beginner

19.6 To assist the committee with the running of the club in matters pertaining to the Beginner cohort

20. Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer

20.1 To seek out sponsorship opportunities for the Club.

20.2 To organise fundraising activities and events throughout the year either for the Club or for a charity chosen by the Club Committee.

21. Finance

21.1 The Club shall be a constituent part of the Union and thus subject to the rulings of Union Council

21.2 The Club finances and bank accounts shall be under the ultimate control of Union Council.

21.3 The Club shall have a bank account at a bank approved by Union Council.

21.4 The Club shall keep full, up-to-date accounts of the finances using a suitable book keeping method.

21.5 Two signatories shall be required to make payments from the Club account.

21.6 The Club must produce on request, a detailed statement of accounts to the Societies & Events Officer or Clubs Funding Committee

21.7 The assets or liabilities of the Club shall remain with the Club regardless of any committee changes.

21.8 The Officers shall accept full administrative and financial responsibility for the Club.

21.9 No student member of the committee may receive financial payment or financial profit as a result of their position on the committee

21.10 Members of the committee may be reimbursed for an expenditure on behalf of the Club only after submitting a receipt to the treasurer, secretary and/or club president.

21.11 Any expense greater than £300 requires the whole committee to be informed, and an overall majority agreement of the committee, before it may go ahead. Any expense less than this must have the approval of at least two of the signatories of the club account in advance.

21.12 In the event of dissolution or abolition of the Club its assets will revert to the Union.

21.13 Union accounts must be zeroed at the end of the financial year

21.14 The trainer must submit an invoice before payment is made.

21.15 The Club must produce within 24 hours, a detailed statement of accounts to the Activities Executive if requested.

21.16 Committee members may not receive financial payment or profit as a result of their position on the committee.

21.17 Club members may be reimbursed for any expenditure on behalf of the Club only after submitting a receipt to an Officer.

21.18 The Club shall have bank account(s) with the LUU Cash Officer only.

21.19 The Club shall keep full, up-to-date accounts of its finances through the LUU cash office.

21.20 LUU subsidies allocated to the Club may not be spent on perishable goods such as food, drink or tobacco.

21.21 The Club subsidy account shall be zeroed at the end of each academic year, and the Club Union account shall not.

22. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

22.1 The Activities Executive must be informed of the date of the Annual General Meeting at least ten working days in advance.

22.2 Notice of the Annual General Meeting must be posted to members at least ten working days before the date of the meeting.

22.3 Business for discussion at General Meetings must be submitted in writing at least six working days prior to the date of the meeting.

22.4 The agenda for the Annual General Meeting must be posted at least five working days before the meeting.

22.5 The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be a third of all full members or 20 full members (whichever is less).

22.6 The president shall chair all General Meetings

22.7 Voting shall be by secret ballot, and decisions will be made by simple majority.

22.8 Coaches as well as society members are allowed to vote.

22.9 If votes are tied, the outgoing President will hold the casting vote.

22.10 If any member moves no confidence in the Chair, a vote shall be taken immediately.

22.11 If a motion of no confidence in the Chair is passed, a new Chair will be elected by the meeting.

22. Running of the Annual General Meetings

23.1 The AGM shall be held at the end of the second term or start of the third term.

23.2 The order of business shall be:

23.2.1 President’s report

23.2.2 Financial report

23.2.3 Constitutional Amendments

23.2.4 Elections

23.2.5 Any other business

23.3 If an AGM is declared inquorate, it must adjourn to be reconvened within ten working days.

23.4 The Club must submit to the Activities executive, the full agenda and minutes of the AGM.

23.5 Only one current member of the club may be elected to each committee position

24. Extraordinary General Meetings

24.1 An EGM may be called by the majority of the committee as well as either one third of all full members of the society or 20 full members, whichever is fewer

24.2 Notice of EGMs, together with their agenda, shall be posted within two working days of the meeting being called.

24.3 The agenda for the EGM shall be restricted to the motion or business for which the meeting was called

24.4 If an EGM is declared inquorate it may not proceed.

25. Constitutional Amendments

25.1 Constitutional amendments must be approved by either an AGM or EGM.

25.2 Constitutional amendments are subject to the final approval of the Activities Executive.

25.3 Proposed constitutional amendments must be published in the agenda for the appropriate General meeting and cannot be moved under 'Any other business'

25.4 Constitutional amendments shall come into effect immediately unless otherwise stated in the motion.

26. Elections

26.1 Elections shall take place at the AGM

26.2 Candidates for positions on the Club committee shall be proposed and seconded by full members of the Club.

26.3 Candidates may neither propose nor second themselves.

26.4 Members may only propose or second one candidate for each position.

26.5 Notification of opening of nomination shall be 10 working days before the date of the annual general meeting of the Club

26.6 Nominations shall be open 5 working days before the date of the AGM

26.7 Nominations shall close 1 day before the AGM

26.8 Members present at the AGM shall vote for their candidate of choice in each position or to re-open nominations (RON). Candidates shall have 2 minutes for a speech and 5 minutes for questions only.

26.9 Publicity for all elections shall take place via e-mail and notices on the Club notice board

26.10 Following the AGM and election of committee members there shall be a joint meeting between outgoing and current (newly elected) committee members. This meeting must be held by the third week of the third term and shall be chaired by the current (newly elected) president.

26.11 If there are no nominations for election to a committee position the nominations are re-opened. An EGM should be called within six weeks to vote for any nominations. If there are still no nominations the matter should be referred to the Sports/Activities Executive for their decision.

27. Awards

27.1 Awards are to be presented annually at the Club Spring Ball.

27.2 Awards are to be given as follows:

27.2.1 Most Improved Beginner - To be given to the dancer or dance partners, of beginner level, who has shown to have improved the most throughout the course of the year.

27.2.2 Most Improved Non-Beginner - To be given to the dancer or dance partners, of novice or higher level, who has shown to have improved the most throughout the course of the year.

27.2.3 Best Beginner - In memory of Timur Gulinskiy (1977-2000) - To be given to the dancer or dance partners, of beginner level, who has shown to be the best beginner dancer(s) in the Club.

27.3 The recipient of the awards are to be decided by the President, Team Captain and Beginners’ Captain.

27.4 The award recipients are to be presented with the respective shield/trophies at the ball, and are to keep them for a year, returning them prior to their presentation the following year.

27.5 The Best Beginner shield is to be engraved with each of its recipient’s names.

27.6 The Equipment Officer shall be responsible for the re-acquiring and re-engraving of awards.

28. Other Provisions

28.1 No member shall have more than 1 vote

28.2 The interpretation of this constitution is the responsibility of the Club committee

28.3 In case of dispute over a particular interpretation of this constitution, the Activities Executive shall be the final arbiter

28.4 There shall be a minimum of two hours teaching each week

28.5 The team captain shall have final say on all matters relating to the team

28.6 The constitution shall be reviewed at least annually.

28.7 The trainer’s position shall be reviewed at least annually.

28.8 All members who enter into the finals at IVDC or NUDC (nationals & northerns competition) must move up one dance category (i.e. from beginner to novice and novice to intermediate).