TIme to get serious! These are some rules to keep in mind for the smooth running of competitions whilst you're dancing:


  • You are restricted to syllabus steps in the Beginner and Novice sections. The routines you are taught in class will adhere to these rules. (Intermediate, Advanced and Open level categories are free from restrictions).

  • You are restricted to non-competition wear in the Beginner and Novice sections. If you are interested in investing in some dance wear it is best to identify clothing labelled 'practice wear'. Intermediate, Advanced and Open categories allow competition wear and professional couture.

  • Ensure you are ready when your number is announced, as you will not be allowed a second opportunity if you miss your heat

  • Show courtesy when you are on the floor. Watch out for other dancers and try not to cause collisions. Remember, it looks much better to stop mid-routine and continue/restart into clear space than to crash and restart.

  • Show courtesy to your partner. Walk on and off the floor together and bow/curtsey at least to each other, if not to the audience, before and after each dance.

  • Show support to dancers currently on the floor. Don't obstruct their space and engage only in complimentary or positive audience participation.



A list of the syllabus steps allowed for beginners and novice can be found here.
A list of restricted dress published by IVDA can be found here.
For the Official rules of the Inter-Varsity circuit, speak to the Team Captains.
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