Our Coaches

The People Who Make Us Amazing


Dale Bennett

Head Coach

Dale's dance career started at age 6 when he joined his father's dance school, and by age 11 he had represented England in the World and European Championships. In 2007 his father moved City Limits to their current location, and Dale decided to return from the US, and has since become head coach. Now he is one of he UK’s leading competitive adjudicators, as well as our head coach here in Leeds.

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Olivia Oates

Assistant Coach

Olivia has been dancing Ballroom and Latin for 13 years, but before that dabbled in some Ballet and Freestyle, and a little Rock n Roll. Her favourite dances are samba and rumba, and although she's lead by christian, we all know who's really the boss!


Christian Skibsrud

Assistant Coach

Christian's favourite dance is Cha cha cha. He's danced all over the world and competed in the Latin under 21 world Championships, but he said his favourite dance moment was his first nationals in Blackpool with Liv. He can most commonly be found adjusting our frames or doing some spinning top action in Viennese waltz practice.